Cable Management

Cable management is one of the important factors while designing a network. Our expertise engineers provide well maintained, stable and scalable network infrastructure. We make sure our client have enough data sockets and they are in the right place! Designing a network for the future of company we must use latest technologies and experts in the field.

Why structured cabling ?

Customer requirement and satisfaction are our main focus while designing a network. The average office communicates using a complex array of systems – email, voice, video, fax, chat, etc. When designing for such environments it’s important to understand not just the different cable types available, but their properties and where they can be used – in walls, floors or ceilings. Cable termination is also an important design consideration; how long is the cable run, what type of switches or routers are being connected. These are just a few of the things a network designer needs to understand.

We have designed and implemented structured cabling solutions for a number of companies, showrooms, Marts, and from small 10-15 user sites to larger 200 user environments. Whether you are looking for simple voice and data integrated networks using traditional cat 5 or 6 cabling or need some fibre, or multi-core for a special project, we have the experience, manpower and capability.

Whether your office is relocating or being refurbished, let us handle all your office cabling needs. Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! ROyal’s IT  carry out any form of cable installation, from a standard voice and data network to more sophisticated Ethernet or fiber optic networks